Tower20, a new Tabletop RPG, is designed for players already familiar with popular Tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder, Risus, or D&D.  This is a universal system designed to work with any setting from fantasy to steampunk to sci-fi using a short and simple set of rules that are quick and easy to learn.

Tower20 is currently free to play!

Tower20 is all about the story.  We believe that Players should be able to focus on the Role-playing without constant interruptions while someone flips through 1000+ pages looking for a specific rule.  In Tower20, Players are rewarded for better role-playing and creative thinking as Players and Game Master work together to create a compelling story.

These rules are written for those familiar with the basics of RPG games like Pathfinder, Risus, GURPS, or D&D and is meant to be played with an experienced GM.  If you are not familiar with the basic concepts, many of the rules will not make sense.

Download the Tower20 Rules here.

Download the Tower20 Character Sheet here.

tower20_charactersheet tower20_rules1 tower20_rules2

All Images (except for the Tower20 logo and Far-Tower logo) were created by artists Lorc and Delapouite and downloaded from under a CC BY 3.0 license ( The image next to “inventory” is two of their images edited together to make a new image.